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A residential building, completed in 1884, was an addition to the Central Station and the increasing number of buildings in the area. Today, the very same residential building is now the Elite Hotel Adlon, a stylish and comfortable hotel in Stockholm yet offering cheap and affordable rates.

The architects were the Kumlien brothers, Axel and Hjalmar, and the building commissioner was C.H. Hallström. Worth mentioning is that the Kumlien brothers also designed the Grand Hotel in Stockholm. The Elite Hotel Adlon is a Neoclassical building with two characteristic round towers and a yellow façade, typical of 18th century Stockholm. Stockholm was actually called ”the yellow city” because of all its yellow façades. A decade before the Adlon was constructed, the corner towers reached the peak of their popularity. The round towers are characteristic of the 1880s, when the Adlon was constructed.

In the mid-20th Century, a large section of the older buildings close to the Central Station was demolished. However, next to Elite Hotel Adlon there is an area which still has an ancient feel of urban life to it, i.e. the street Gamla Brogatan around the corner with its variety of houses, and the narrow street Klara Norra Kyrkogata which leads to the Klara Church in the south. The classical neon sign at the corner of the streets Vasagatan/Gamla Brogatan was first erected in 1960, constructed by the renowned Böhlmarks company.

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Rooftop views from Adlon Hotell, Stockholm, Sweden